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Ellen Dubreuil is an artist and teacher living in Somerville, MA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from University of Colorado Boulder and an MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York. Her art and writing are multidisciplinary and run the gamut from cartooning and children’s illustration to mixed media collage and sculpture, as well as visual and prose essays and poetry. Her research interests include child development and psychology, the anthropology of childhood and play, the history and anthropology of toys and other representational objects, material culture and memory, and the public domain. Her graduate thesis, “Real Pretend,” is an ongoing project examining the relationship of play, memories, dreams, toys, reality, and art-making.   


She currently lives in Massachusetts and teaches in Cambridge at Lesley University Art + Design.

She is available for freelance illustration work, commissions, and general inquiries at

The above picture is a horse made out of molded ice cream. She did not make it.

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